Animal Behavior (Bio 3015): syllabus from Spring 2016

General Biology (Bio 2106): syllabus from Spring 2016

Introductory Ecology (Bio 3255): syllabus from Fall 2012

Entomology (Bio 3525): syllabus from Fall 2013

Behavioral Biology (for non-majors): syllabus from Spring 2013

Advanced Topics in Behavioral Ecology (for graduate students): syllabus from Spring 2013


COMPLETED STUDENT THESES/PROJECTS (for more detail, please see my Research Page):

Coonfield, Alissa. 2017. A Tale of Two Cities: the relationship of density and morphology varies among populations of the maritime earwig Anisolabis maritima

Nolan-Tamariz, Michael. 2016. Forceps and foreplay: sexual selection in the maritime earwig, Anisolabis maritima

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Egan, Andrea. 2014. Polyandrous females provide sons with more competitive sperm: Support for the Sexy-Sperm Hypothesis in the Rattlebox Moth (Utetheisa ornatrix)

Walsh, Justin. 2014. Win, Lose, or Draw: Effects of size, sex, and kinship on high-stakes larval contests in the Rattlebox Moth (Utetheisa ornatrix)

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